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Dave Heyman

Dave Heyman

Time doing Crossfit

  • Training Crossfit since 2017

Why Crossfit?

After our first child was born, my wife was looking for a way to get back into fitness. Naturally, I wanted to support her on this journey so we began with Kim at Crossfit and have loved it ever since.

Best thing about Crossfit 2340?

The best thing about Crossfit 2340 is the family feel the gym possesses. Everyone is supportive of each other’s journey and there is a close connection between both the staff and the members. 


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

What do you do other than Crossfit?

When I’m not training at Crossfit I run the family farm and am Dad to our wonderful children Jack and Essie.

Favourite Movement and Workout

My favourite movement would be wall balls and long chipper style WOD’s.

Coach / Life Goals

I strive to continue to be fit and healthy and be a good role model for my family. I hope to be competent and have the ability to pass on knowledge to assist my fellow athletes and help them enjoy Crossfit as much as I do.

Favourite Food

Chocolate and Mexican


 “Go hard or go home”